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1. I would like to see Jeremy Clarkson as Prime Minister. Or King. Or fucking ruler of the universe. What with his brilliantly politically incorrect musings and satirical metaphors about… whatever it is he talks about (I rarely listen) he would surely succeed where so many others have failed.

2. I would like to see Jeremy Clarkson brutally murdered by four homosexual men (4 Poofs and a Piano?), who batter him to death with their erect penises, and then I’d like to see him be fed to his children while his wife masturbates over the whole thing.

Just a couple of varying opinions about Jeremy Clarkson there to show I’m not biased. Obviously I wouldn’t wish for either to be true but it’s just a joke, Jeremy.



I feel that due to my love of horror films I should relish Halloween but I don’t. I can’t. It’s just another day with a pointless title given to it to make it feel like an occasion. I know in some places they go all-out to make it an occasion but I can’t for the life of me see why. It just seems as though people will find any excuse to dress-up. I hate dressing up and maybe that’s why I resent Halloween. I only ever went trick or treating once as a kid.

The plus side of Halloween in the past was the sheer quantity of horror films shown on telly in the night. There were loads of them and they were all classics. I briefly glanced at the TV schedule to see what’s on this year and all I could see was Halloween and The Others. Halloween certainly fits the bill and there are a lot worse films than The Others but that’s it. Where’s The Omen? The Exorcist? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? The Blair Witch Project? Don’t Look Now? Or even the sillyer scare-fests like Scream or Child’s Play? There’s practically nothing. The only thing that’s worth watching in the evening is Psychoville (and that’s not a film. It will be brilliant though).

I won’t get too upset about it. It’s one day in 365 and a lot people have a fun time so that’s good. I just can’t see any point to Halloween besides an excuse to broadcast the greatest horror movies all night and if they’re not doing that anymore then it all seems a bit redundant.

Oh well, Happy Halloween to you.