Whole Lotta Love

Posted: 14/02/2011 in The Calculator
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So it’s Valentine’s Day. I think it’s fair to say it’s a day that divides opinion. If you have someone to share it with then it’s fully justified romantic heaven. If you don’t have anyone then it’s a pointless waste of time and you resent it with all your heart (irony?).

I’ve had both of those opinions as probably have you. This year I’m ambivalent towards Valentine’s Day. I’m kind of seeing someone but it’s way too early to make a fuss on such a day but at the same time it’s quite nice to have someone to send a card to. It is pointless though obviously. But kind of romantic. But totally pointless. But yet nice and sweet and harmless. But cringeworthy and soppy and pointless.

Have a nice, romantic, annoying, pointless Valentine’s Day x



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