Flame of Error

Posted: 24/01/2011 in The Calculator
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I spent the early hours of Saturday morning reading every single post on this blog to someone who doesn’t currently have access to the internet. It was good to read stuff I’d written that I’d forgotten about. I actually made myself laugh a few times. Anyway, I also got very frustrated at myself every time I came across a typing error. There are no spelling mistakes but on at least half a dozen occasions I came across instances where I wrote the wrong word or the same word twice or missed out a word completely. I do proof read everything I write before I publish it but I’m obviously a crap proof reader.

What I’d like for you, the reader, to do is highlight any and every mistake you spot so I can correct it. I’m pedantic myself so I won’t be at all miffed if you point out my errors. On the contrary, I’d be extremely grateful.

The mistakes I spotted myself are still there at the moment. I spotted them when reading from my phone and as good as the WordPress app is, it’s just a little too time consuming to do editing via those means. I’m at my laptop now so I could correct myself here but that isn’t going to happen at this moment in time. It would mean I’d have to read all my previous posts again so I can re-spot the mistakes and edit them. Nothing I’ve written has been so good that it warrants being read twice within one week.


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