“Self-Opinionated Prick”

Posted: 07/12/2010 in The Calculator
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‘Anonymous’ (if that is their real name) left a charming comment on the ‘About Me’ section of this blog last night. It simply said, “self opinionated prick”.

I have a couple of problems with this. The first problem being that this anonymous hero didn’t put a hyphen in ‘self-opinionated’. The second problem being that I’m not entirely sure what this anonymous trooper expects.

By the very nature of this sort of thing, of course there are going to be personal opinions. Some people will agree with them, some people won’t. That’s normal. However, for someone to be so annoyed by something (or all the things) I write that they feel the need to write insults in my comments (anonymously, may I add) must mean they fail to understand the point of what I’m doing. Allow me to explain…

I want to be a writer. Not just as a hobby but as a job. I’m quietly making steps in the right direction with other things I have going on at the moment but this blog is where I get to practise and demonstrate my writing to as many people as possible. My primary aim is to entertain. I post a mixture of opinions and personal stories. Whether I make you laugh or think or just make you angry, as long as I’ve caused a reaction I know I must be doing something right. To call me self-opinionated doesn’t really work as a put down. If I only wrote about things I was ambivalent towards then it would make for one hell of a boring read.

So I share my opinions. That’s what writers do. Some are brilliant (Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell) and some are awful (John Gaunt, Jeremy Clarkson). I don’t claim to be absolutely right about anything, I simply put across a point of view. There’s a comment section under each blog post should anyone want to voice their own opinion or take issue with something I’ve said. “Self opinionated prick” isn’t very constructive though. That’s just an inane insult.

The funny thing is people actually like being annoyed. I’m guessing ‘Anonymous’ must have been quite annoyed to have left that comment. I’m also fairly certain that ‘Anonymous’ is reading this right now. Thanks for reading.

  1. Adam Prescott says:

    Quality Si keep it up!!

  2. Lulu says:

    You are a self’-‘opinionated prick, but an awsomely intellegent one! This guy probably can’t spell his own name and used spell check for the word ‘opinionated'(I just copied and pasted from the above piece, as I have more common sense than intellegence!)Keep on doing what you do best, you will go far!!

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