Another One For Jeremy Kyle

Posted: 02/12/2010 in The Calculator
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Is it just me or do you agree that if someone over 40 is having sex with someone under 21 then there’s something paedophilic about it? Let’s be honest, whilst we’re legally an adult when we’re 18 we don’t really feel as though we’ve entered adulthood until we’re (at least) 21. A significant number of under 21’s are still in education and are often still looked upon and referred to as kids. They still look very young as well. Certainly too young for a 40-plus year old person.

I can kind of understand how someone so young can fall for someone much older. Someone with experience who seems so mature and wise. There’s something that can be interpreted as desirable. However, for someone so much older to lust after youth just screams creepy paedo-like pervert to me. I find it sickening.

The best part about 40-somethings having relationships with teenagers is the 40-something is always married or in a long-term relationship and probably has kids. They rarely want anything more than sex from their adolescent fuck buddy and in the situations when they do they tend to get knocked back by the young person who realises they were just going through a phase and actually prefer companions of their own generation. Brilliant. It really is Jeremy Kyle territory.

These kind of relationships will always happen because everyone thinks theirs is different and “for real”. Naive much?

So what do you think? Am I interpreting such relationships in the wrong way?


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