Harry Potter and the Rise of the Idiots

Posted: 25/11/2010 in The Calculator
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There are few things that annoy me as much as adults who read Harry Potter books. They’re children’s books. They’re aimed at children. Children. The little people who have yet to be exposed to the disillusionment of real life. Fantasy appeals to these little people as it prompts the imagination to run wild with impossibilities. As the little people transform into big people they’ll start to experience sex and drugs and financial difficulties and they’ll be exposed to deceit and disappointment and bad language. Drama. Reality.

There is an abundance of adult literature for adults to read. Adult literature. Literature aimed at adults. Adults. They’re the big people who have suffered – and continue to suffer – the disillusionment of real life. Their imagination disintegrated when television and the internet spoon fed them shit under the guise of entertainment. They’ve had sex and taken drugs and had no money and they’ve experienced deceit and disappointment and swear like motherfuckers. Drama. Reality.

So what does Harry Potter offer an adult? Is it the case that real life is so depressing that indulging and immersing ones self in children’s fantasy serves as a great escapism from life’s mundanity?  Or is it the case that with the dumbing down of television and entertainment in general, people just haven’t developed the intelligence to get their head around something more complex than a four-eyed wizard fucking about with other wizards? I think it’s the latter. I think a large portion of adults are too stupid to understand and enjoy a piece of literature that was initially aimed at their demographic. They’re too busy reading Dan Brown books and celebrity hardbacks.

It’s the rise of the idiots. The idiots watch The X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent and I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here and the like. The idiots read The Sun newspaper. The idiots laugh at Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay who simply “notice things”. The idiots have conversations about TV soaps as if they’re real life. The idiots listen to Chris Moyles on the radio. The idiots watch Jackass in 3-D. The idiots think the iPhone is still cool when ironically it’s because of the hysteria of these idiots that the iPhone couldn’t be any less cool.

The idiots don’t watch things like Cowards or The Thick of It. The idiots don’t read The Guardian. The idiots don’t laugh at Stewart Lee or Bill Hicks. The idiots don’t have conversations about the decline of quality content on TV. The idiots don’t listen to Ian Collins on the radio. The idiots don’t watch Four Lions on DVD. The idiots with iPhones aren’t aware of the ridicule they’re subject to from the rest of society.

At the moment the idiots are flocking to see the new Harry Potter film. A film based on a children’s book. A book aimed at children. Children. The next batch of idiots.

  1. Jim Fishwick says:

    Hmmmm. You think in an odd way. While I am happy to agree that some of the people who read, and indeed now watch Harry Potter are stupid adults for whom getting through a book at all is an achievement, I myself am also a fan. More of the books than the films I will admit, but still a fan. I am also a man I can only assume reasonably similar to yourself. I am 23, I am writing a blog while applying to various local newspapers and magazines in the hope of starting a career working as a writer, while also thinking about books and so on. I have given up on modern television all together and no longer own one. And I enjoy the radio based musings of David Mitchel and other more high brow comedians and authors. But I do still enjoy the basic escapism of Harry Potter. Which I must admit does upset me slightly as I find J.K. Rowling to be a despicably poor writer. Having had a quick scan through parts of your blog (for the first time this evening after a friend pointed me this way) I have seen that you read your comments and normally have feedback quickly. I would be delighted to hear any further comments you have about my confused moral standpoint on Harry Potter.


    • Simon says:

      I can’t say I have a problem with Harry Potter as a piece of literature because I haven’t read it. My issue is with adults who read it at all. I can’t understand why an adult would choose to read it in the first place.

      Children reading Harry Potter books is great. Children reading at all is great. I just think it’s very sad that an adult would choose to read a children’s book at all.

    • Simon says:

      I’ve had a glance at your blog – only a glance as I’m on my phone and it’s not ideal for prolonged reading – and I like it. I’ll definitely give it a proper read when I’m next at a computer.

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