Let’s (Not) Talk About Cars

Posted: 18/11/2010 in The Calculator
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I’m a man and I know nothing about cars. There, I’ve said it. There seems to be this common assumption that if you have a penis and a pair of testicles you must know about everything motor-related. I don’t. I do have a penis and a pair of testicles but I don’t know anything motor-related. On numerous occasions I’ve been in situations where some chap has started talking to me about cars and I’ve just nodded my head and smiled as the words float over my head and into nothingness. On the odd occasion that I do admit my ignorance it’s often followed by strange looks and a dismissal of my existence.

I do like cars. They’re good for driving. I even had one once and it was brilliant and getting me from A to B and sometimes C. When I went to purchase it I had to have another man – a proper man – with me to assess the vehicle and its suitability. He would push things and open things and ask about things while I just stood there with a look of genuine confusion of my face. When they engaged in conversation I felt as though I was watching a foreign film without the subtitles.

I once accompanied a girl friend (not girlfriend) of mine on her search for a new car. I’d already confessed my sheer stupidity when it comes to that sort of thing but I think she just wanted the company. At every dealer we went to the salesman directed everything he had to say in my direction. They were presumptuous about me and patronising towards my friend.

I’m not ashamed of knowing nothing about cars. I don’t find them interesting so I don’t feel a need to know about them. I just wish people wouldn’t assume I care about them and start telling me about what car they had/have/are going to get. I couldn’t possibly care less and I don’t understand the words emanating from their mouth. Please don’t talk to me about cars. And Top Gear is shit as well.


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