Posted: 17/11/2010 in The Calculator
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People don’t read books anymore. It seems everyone is so consumed with social network sites and awful television “talent” shows that the idea of settling down with piece of literature is an unappealing one. I’ve heard many people proudly claim they “don’t read books” as if reading is something only nerds and loners do. I find this point of view pretty pathetic and rather worrying. We’re living in a world of instant gratification and reading a book doesn’t appear to fit the bill which I think is a shame.

Nothing can trigger your imagination better than a good book. No film or television programme has ever made me feel as tense, scared or made me laugh as much as some books have. It doesn’t have to be fiction. Some autobiographies are fascinating insights to the lives and careers of some brilliant people. You don’t get such intimate details from an interview on a chat show.

Reading expands the mind greater than any other medium. You’ll get more out of one book than you will out of 24 hours of television. It will expand your vocabulary, open your mind to new ideas and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement once you’ve read the final word on the last page. There’s a reason there’s an assumption that people who read books must be more intelligent and that’s because they are more intelligent because they read books. You don’t read books because you’re intelligent, you’re intelligent because you read books. People who “don’t read books” sound infinitely thick a lot of the time.

I’m not saying all people that choose not to read books are stupid, I’m just saying that most of them are. Maybe you’re happy in your ignorance but I feel you should be enlightened. You’re missing out.

  1. a fascinating article mate and you made your points very well, personally i’m like you i think you learn soo much more from reading books and you have to use your own imagination to draw a picture of the events being told. i have ready many conspiracy theory related literature something i think you would be interested in i have a book written by noam chomsky called; hedgemony or survival: America’s quest for global dominance i will post a wiki link below so you can read a bit more about it, believe me my friends it’s a fascinting read.

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