Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Never before have I loved playing a game I hate so much. Thanks to unemployment and too much time on my hands I managed to rack up over 20 DAYS of game time. This fills me with immense shame. Technically it’s a very good game but its flaws are epic and lead to some of the most infuriating gaming sessions ever. I’ve never thrown my toys out of the pram on such a frequent basis.

The best element of the Call of Duty franchise is the perks system. It’s also the worst element thanks to some truly ridiculous capabilities. ‘Commando’ would give you the ability to perform a melee attack where you would magically fly about 20 feet forwards and knife someone somewhere near their face. ‘Marathon’ and ‘Lightweight’ when used in tandem would give you the ability to whiz around like fucking Road Runner. ‘Danger Close’ gives you extra explosives damage meaning thousands of people would just mince around with grenade launchers firing randomly into spaces someone might be and blowing them to kingdom come. This is made even worse thanks to the ‘Scavenger’ perk which would give you the ability to pick up little blue packs and stock up on ammo meaning the skill-less fuck naughts would have an unlimited supply of grenades to fire in your general vicinity. It’s beyond annoying.

There’s also a severe unbalance with the guns. Secondary weapons are often far more powerful and effective than primary weapons. Shotguns are particularly silly. In previous installments of the series shotguns were primary weapons which was fine as they’re extremely effective at close range although not many people used them because of their restrictive range. On Modern Warfare 2 they’re secondary weapons and are twice as powerful as they once were. You’re also able to wield two of them once which makes them almost unstoppable. You could be filling someone up with bullets and all they have to do is fire both guns at once and you’re dead instantly. They don’t even have to aim.

The most significant reason for investing so much time in Modern Warfare 2 is because it’s the game everyone has. It’s so much fun playing with friends and the better is always hilarious. The experienced can sometimes been hampered by kids though. Kids. The game has an ’18’ certificate so kids shouldn’t even be playing it. I can’t deny I used to play Grand Theft Auto games was before I was 18 but that wasn’t an online experience and for me that’s the difference. I’d watched pornography when I was under 18 but I wouldn’t have done so in a room full of adult men. Same should go for video games. Us adults don’t want to have to hear squeeky little pricks talking crap or playing shit music through their headsets. Kids should be banned completely from playing ’18’ certificate games online with grown-ups.

I do love Modern Warfare 2 really, I just hate it too. I never plan on playing it again. I ended halfway through my 9th prestige. Call of Duty: Black Ops was released today. I have a copy but haven’t played it as of yet. It does look and sound a lot better than Modern Warfare 2 but we’ll have to wait and see…


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